Reiki can help the body and the soul bring out their natural healing powers. Reiki will allow the body to use its energy and has been effective in supporting many treatments. A person with cancer can benefit from Reiki therapy. There are many benefits to seeking Reiki therapy in combination with the current cancer treatment.

Reiki Treatment for Cancer

Reiki sessions will last between 30 and 90 minutes.

If a person is not feeling well they can have their session performed from a distance. This practice will not interfere with the current cancer treatment that a person is receiving and will help support the immune system.


People that are fighting cancer often suffer from fatigue. The cancer is taking a toll on their body and their immune system. The medical treatment is also putting a strain on their body. Reiki can help give a person their energy back. The treatment can reduce the feeling of fatigue which will help improve the quality of life for the cancer patient.


It is common for people with cancer to be in pain. Reiki can help ease some of this pain and will allow a person to feel better. The energy in the body will ease the pain that a person is feeling.


When a person has a serious health condition it is not uncommon for this to impact their mental health too. They may be feeling additional anxiety, stress, and even depression. Reiki can help put the mind at ease. It will help improve mood through this energy and a person with cancer will not have to worry about this depressed feeling.


Cancer can lead to a feeling of constant distress. Like depression, this can have an impact on both the mental and the physical health of a person. Reiki can help ease this feeling and will allow a person to focus on the positive things in their life and will help improve their response to any treatment they may be receiving.

Sleeping Issues

Between the physical pain that a person may be feeling and any mental distress that a person may be in, they are more than likely going to be experiencing issues when it comes to sleeping. Reiki can help ease these sleeping troubles. The physical and the mental state of a person will be improved so a person will be able to get to sleep.

Studies of Reiki and Cancer

Studies have shown the Reiki therapy can help a person with pain relief, the feeling of nausea, and depression. Cancer patients that have received Reiki therapy have reported lower levels of pain and anxiety. There have been no dangerous side effects found and it can work in combination with medical treatment.

These are some of the ways that Reiki can be used to help people with cancer. This can be used in combination with any medical treatments that a person is feeling. They will be able to have an improved quality of life and this will help ease their mind and body.